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Katie Holmes Picks Up Suri From School!


Katie Holmes was spotted picking up her daughter Suri Cruise from elementary school on Thursday afternoon.

The actress was all smiles as she left the building wearing a fedora with a denim skirt and knee high heeled boots.

Little Suri wore her school uniform and her pink cast had signatures from all her friends and classmates.

Credit: Splash News

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Pictures & Video: Paris Jackson Cheerleads In A New Hairdo!

paris jackson starfeine cheer

Paris Jackson showed off her new edgy hairstyle while cheerleading on her school’s cheer team on Tuesday.

The King of Pop’s daughter who used to have long brown locks, displayed a short edgy rock style hairdo during an away game for her school’s basketball team. Not only was it cut short, but it was also dyed black.

The famous teen has been going through phases and is currently in her rock/rebellious phase. The aspiring actress has went from innocent little girl to hardcore rocker in the past year.

Paris, who is in the seventh grade, has also been constantly changing recreational activities and hobbies. She went from playing football, soccer, softball, and volleyball to now becoming a cheerleader.

She has outplayed the boys in her team and is now outdoing the girls on her cheer team. Looks like girls are better than the boys!

Check out the video below and tell us what you guys think of Paris’s new hairdo.

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Katie Holmes & Suri Cruise: All Bundled Up!

Katie Holmes and daughter Suri Cruise were all bundled up in their winter coats as Katie picked Suri up from school on a cold Tuesday afternoon in New York City.

Even though Suri had on a coat, her legs were still exposed to the 40-degree weather in a short skirt but she didn’t seem too bothered as she snacked on a candy cane as they crossed the street.

The two of them met up with some friends and hung out in the Tribeca area.

Credit: Splash News

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Blanket Jackson: Little MJ Karate Kid!

Michael Jackson’s youngest son Blanket was spotted heading to his Karate class in Los Angeles on Sunday afternoon.

The pop star’s mini me wore his yellow belt proudly and was accompanied by his cousin Royal Jackson.

The King Of Pop’s kids have been growing up fast with Prince having a girlfriend, Paris having a boyfriend and hanging out with her girlfriends, and Blanket still young and innocent but looking more and more like his father everyday.

Credit: StarFeine

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Sandra Bullock Watches Baby Louis Make Friends!

Sandra Bullock was all smiles as she picked up her adorable and always serious son Louis Bardo from school on Thursday afternoon as he said goodbye to his new friends.

The single mother looked super cute and casual in jeans and an off the shoulder sweater, hair pulled back, and a pair of sunglasses. Two-year-old Louis wore a shirt that read “When I grow up, I want to be ME!” (How cute!)

The Oscar-winning actress is so good at what she does that she has inspired actress Kristin Chenoweth to think about adopting a child as a single parent and called Sandra a “great example.”

Credit: Sharpshooter Images

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Sarah Jessica Parker’s Motherly Duties!

Sarah Jessica Parker spotted as she picks up her twin daughters Marion and Tabitha from school in New York City.

The trio was all smiles and laughs!

The mother of three has recently finished wrapping up recording her voice for her new animated film
“Escape from Planet Earth”

The Film is now in post-production and is set to be released in 2013.

Credit: Splash News

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Video and Pictures: Paris Jackson Plays Another Game Of Softball and Gets To Batter Up!

Paris Jackson was all smiles while playing another softball game at her school in Los Angeles.

The King of Pop’s daughter looked more into the game this time and even got a chance to batter up.

Unfortunately she got struck out, but we are sure she will hit a home run next time.

Credit: Sharpshooter Images

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