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Exclusive: Prince Jackson Gets Pulled Over For Having A Cool Truck Then Pumps Some Gas!

Prince Blanket Jackson starfeine.com 041513 001 copy

Prince Jackson was pulled over by an LAPD police officer for having a cool truck!

The 16 year old was pulled over in a parking lot while heading to Fatburger for some lunch with his younger brother Blanket and cousin Royal.

The King of Pop’s son, who just recently started driving a few months ago was pulled over for having customized illegal strobe lights on the grill of his new truck.

The teen was seen giving the officer his driving permit and was told to take off small customized tints off of his fog lights.

After taking off the tints, the officer let Prince go to enjoy his lunch with a warning.

We have to say that the high school student got off pretty easy for his first time getting pulled over.

Earlier in the day, Prince was seen at the pump filling up his truck with some fuel before taking his younger brother Blanket and cousin Royal to their Karate Class in Encino, CA.

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More Pics & Video: Paris Jackson Cheers At Final Game + Her Response To NFL Cheerleading Offer!

paris jackson AENY CGLA 031213 002 copy

Paris Jackson continued to show off her cheerleading skills at the final game of her school’s varsity boys basketball team in Los Angeles on Tuesday evening.

The 14-year-old and her new pixie cut looked a little more polished this time with her hair brushed and not as wild as it looked at the last game.

The cheerleading director for the NFL’s Philadelphia Eagles saw the video of Paris cheerleading and said, “We think Paris will make a great Eagle cheerleader! We thought that she had a lot of poise, confidence, and enthusiasm in her cheer performance. Paris has that ‘wow factor’ that makes a great cheerleader.”

Today Paris responded on Twitter and said, “I’d actually love to. The Philadelphia Eagles are my favorite football team so..”

Credit: StarFeine

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Pictures & Video: Paris Jackson Cheerleads In A New Hairdo!

paris jackson starfeine cheer

Paris Jackson showed off her new edgy hairstyle while cheerleading on her school’s cheer team on Tuesday.

The King of Pop’s daughter who used to have long brown locks, displayed a short edgy rock style hairdo during an away game for her school’s basketball team. Not only was it cut short, but it was also dyed black.

The famous teen has been going through phases and is currently in her rock/rebellious phase. The aspiring actress has went from innocent little girl to hardcore rocker in the past year.

Paris, who is in the seventh grade, has also been constantly changing recreational activities and hobbies. She went from playing football, soccer, softball, and volleyball to now becoming a cheerleader.

She has outplayed the boys in her team and is now outdoing the girls on her cheer team. Looks like girls are better than the boys!

Check out the video below and tell us what you guys think of Paris’s new hairdo.

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Blanket Jackson: Little MJ Karate Kid!

Michael Jackson’s youngest son Blanket was spotted heading to his Karate class in Los Angeles on Sunday afternoon.

The pop star’s mini me wore his yellow belt proudly and was accompanied by his cousin Royal Jackson.

The King Of Pop’s kids have been growing up fast with Prince having a girlfriend, Paris having a boyfriend and hanging out with her girlfriends, and Blanket still young and innocent but looking more and more like his father everyday.

Credit: StarFeine

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New Songs to Be Released on Michael Jackson’s ‘Bad 25′ Album!

Check out these snippets from unreleased Michael Jackson songs that will be on the upcoming special edition of the BAD album to celebrate its 25th anniversary.

Bad 25 is set to be released on September 18th and will include early demo versions of songs from the album and demos from songs that were not included on the album . The 2-disc set will also include a dvd of Jackson’s performance at Wembley Stadium in London that took place on July 16, 1988.

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Paris Jackson Creates Michael Jackson Shrine, Now Wants Tattoo!

Michael Jackson’s daughter Paris Jackson has gotten a lot of attention for her Twitter posts in the past and now she’s at it again.

The 14-year-old has lately adopted a more rock-in-roll style to her and yesterday she announced her interest in tattoos.

She tweeted, “i kinda want to get August XXIX tatted on my back..”

The tweet caused Paris to receive a lot of backlash from Michael Jackson’s die hard supporters who told her that Michael would not approve of that.

Paris responded with, “lol y’all are trippin trying to tell me not to get the tat , when u guys don’t even know what it means .. it’s my dads bday get over it lmao.”

She also posted a picture of the Michael Jackson logo saying she wanted a tattoo of that as well.

Of course she will have to wait 4 years before she is able to get one legally.

The teenager also posted a picture of the Michael Jackson shrine she created in her room.

Credit: Paris Jackson/Twitter

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Paris Jackson Remembers “Mommy and Daddy”

Paris Jackson tweeted a touching photo of her father Michael Jackson kissing her biological mother Debbie Rowe on the cheek with the caption “Mommy and Daddy <3.”

Michael Jackson and Debbie Rowe married in 1996 and had two children, Prince and Paris, who she gave Michael full custody of.

Paris also tweeted on the 3 year anniversary of her father’s death saying, “RIP Michael Jackson .. Dad you will forever be in my heart <3 i love you.”

Credit: Paris Jackson/Twitter

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Check Out Michael Jackson’s New Unreleased Song!

Check out Michael Jackson’s new unreleased demo track ‘Dont Be Messin Round’.

The previously unreleased track is being released as part of The BAD 25 Deluxe Collectors Edition to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the album.

The boxset will include a DVD with never before seen footage of Michael Jackson’s legendary July 16, 1988 concert at Wembley Stadium in London as part of the BAD tour.

It will also include a few more unreleased demos.

The boxset will be released on September 18th but you can pre-order on Michaeljackson.com to get it a little early.

Also out now is an all new Pepsi campaign featuring the King Of Pop.

Pepsi has released special edition BAD 25 cans with feature MJ.

They are available at all Walmarts, check out the pix below!

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Paris Jackson: My Dad’s Album Isn’t Fake, Just A Few Songs Are!

Some new but not really new controversy is brewing about Michael Jackson’s ‘Michael’ album which was released last year.

TMZ recently reported that there is a new video being shopped around to the media outlets of Michael Jackson’s daughter Paris video chatting with friends online back in 2010 and during the video chat ‘Hold my hand’ was playing, a song recorded with Akon and was leaked when MJ was alive. So during the chat, Paris claims “It’s NOT him … the whole album isn’t even him!! Go online … go on YouTube and look up Jason Malachi. That’s him!!”.

She continues, “I should know if it’s him or not because he would sing to me all the time.”

After this story was reported, Paris went to her twitter page clearing the controversy up saying “People should know by now not to believe the media when it comes down to TMZ talking about my family. #HoldMyHad IS my dad actually singing.”

Then a fan asked Paris on twitter saying “@parisjackson But “Monster,” “Keep Your Head Up” and “Breaking News” are clearly not”, She replied “Yes” but later deleting her reply.

From listening to the Album ourselves, we believe most of the songs are authentic and to be MJ, especially ‘Hold My Hand’. But we think the songs recorded by Eddie Cascio which are ‘Monster’, Breaking News’, and ‘Keep Your Head Up’, aren’t him, we think elements of the songs are MJ, but just the ad libs. The songs do sound alot like they are sung by Jason Malachi, just listen to him on Youtube.

Michael was a perfectionist, and the vocal performance of the songs, just don’t sound like they were sung by a perfectionist. They claim the songs are unfinished, but there are alot of unreleased songs of MJ that you can listen to and he sounds way better than this.

Eddie Cascio and his family are long time friends with the King of Pop, Michael considered them to be his second family and were more closer to MJ than his actual family. They met MJ back in 1984 when Dominic Cascio, father of Eddie, managed The Hemsley Palace and served MJ’s every need while he was staying at the hotel in New York City. A relationship grew with Dominic and the family, and they’ve been friends ever since. So we don’t know why He would fake the songs.

We have our theories, but thats another Story.

Credit: Splash News

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EXCLUSIVE: Record Producer Rodney Jerkins Talks About The Passing Of Whitney Houston

Record Producer Rodney Jerkins talks about the passing of Whitney Houston, whom he worked with. The producer talked about working with her in the past and the last time he met with her.

He also mentions a song that he produced which was to feature Michael Jackson and Whitney Houston which was called “If I Told you That”, the song ended up being a duet between Whitney and George Michael.

Rodney who owns and runs Darkchild Records has produced countless number one hits with artists such as Beyonce, Janet Jackson, Brandy, Mary J Blige, and Michael Jackson.

Credit: Sharpshooter Images

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