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Pauly D Hosts Toys For Tots At Disneyland’s Downtown Disney!


Pauly D posed for a picture with a group of United States Marines while attending a Toys for Tots charity event held at the Disneyland resort’s Downtown Disney area in Anaheim, CA. The ‘Jersey Shore’ star hosted the event and even made a generous size donation before hitting up the parks for a little fun after the event was over. Since the famous DJ’s involvement in the ruthless court battle with his baby’s mama Amanda Markert (who has been accused of domestic violence), perhaps a lighthearted day of Disneyland and generosity was all that was needed to unwind from the stressful situation.

Pauly D will be DJing this month on December 14th at The Pool in Harrah’s in Atlantic City NJ, December 28th at ARIA in Las Vegas NV, and December 31st at Sands Bethlehem Event Center in Bethlehem PA. You can visit Pauly D’s website www.djpaulyd.com for more information.

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“It hurts!” Snooki Opens Up About Post-Baby Sex!


A make-up free and red-haired Nicole Polizzi (better known as Snooki) was spotted out in New Jersey where she was heading to her local gym to get in her morning workout.

The 25-year-old reality star recently opened up to xojane.com where she gave us some insight into her personal life with her baby Lorenzo and boyfriend Jionni.

Snooki said, “We still try to have sex a lot, and I think we do, but it definitely is different after a baby. It kind of hurts a little bit. You know, cause you pushed something out of there. It kind of makes it difficult, but we still try to have sex — because you still have to have a relationship.”

Credit: Starfeine

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Snooki Shows Off Her Laid-Back Motherly Side!

We have all seen Snooki’s wild side so it’s rare to catch a glimpse of Snooki just being a normal mom.

The “Jersey Shore” party girl shared this photo of herself without her usual costume make-up on as she held on to her baby Lorenzo.

She also shared a couple of adorable photos of Lorenzo by himself, one where he is sleeping and another one of him smiling. She tweeted, “I’m not just saying this cause he’s my son, but he is the PERFECT little man. I’m a lucky mommy” and “My life. I fucking love him so much.”

Credit: Snooki/Twitter

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Snooki Reveals Herself Without Lashes & Bronzer!

Snooki tweeted this picture of herself looking a lot more natural than we’re used to seeing.

The reality star wasn’t exactly make-up free but she didn’t have her signature orange glow and heavy eye make-up.

She tweeted, “Makeup before my crazy lashes and Bronzer.”

Catch Snooki tonight on MTV as the “Jersey Shore” premieres its last season and final season.

Credit: Snooki/Twitter

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Jersey Shore : The Final Season!

The guys from ‘Jersey Shore’ cast arriving at their house for 2 more months in Seaside Heights, New Jersey.

The fist pumping Guido’s were all smiles while filming the first episode for ‘Jersey Shore’.

It’s their last season all together for one last summer.

It will be a hit or miss seeing as Snooki is knocked up, and The Situation just got out of AA for alcohol abuse……

Will you be watching??

Credit: Splash News

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Snooki : Clumsy In New Jersey !

Snooki is seen being the same clumsy Snooki we all grew to love as she is pictured almost falling down some stairs!

The reality star was outside her home for 2 months filming the final season of ‘Jersey Shore’.

I know what you are thinking.. isn’t Snooki knocked up?

She sure is but apparently Snooki will not be staying with the rest of the cast as she is reportedly moving in a couple of houses down from the rest of her room mates.

Credit: Splash News

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Snooki : New Jersey Baby Bump!

Snooki wears same identical outfit, including accessories she wore a day previous while moving into her secret hotel with JWoww.

This time minus JWoww, and a a full day later, the pregnant reality star tried to be low key to go and get a bagel as she is held for days hidden at a local hotel before actually arriving to her shore house with her other cast mates.

The stars of the Jersey Shore are sequestered before and after each season to do interviews in their hotel room and also to tape their reunion specials leaving the fans to believe they actually arrive to the famed Shore House from the their houses, but in actuality, they arrive minutes after each other after all spending the night at the same exact secret hotel location.

Snooki showed off her bump and was wearing her engagement ring in these photos.

Credit: Splash News

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Jersey Shore Photo Call!

Deena Nicole Cortese and Vinny Guadagnino from
‘Jersey Shore’ attend a Jersey Shore Photocall on Cannes Beach at Hotel Martinez in Cannes, France.

The two have already agreed to take part of what might be the last season of ‘Jersey Shore’ which will start filming this summer!

Credit: Splash News

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Pauly D Visits The Set Of Extra!

Reality star from ‘Jersey Shore’ Pauly D films ‘Extra’ at The Grove with host Mario Lopez.

Pauly was there to promote for his new show ‘The Pauly D Project’ a spin off from ‘Jersey Shore’ where they follow his DJ career as a professional DJ.

You can catch his show every Thursday at 10:30 PM on MTV!

Credit: Splash News

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Snooki & JWoww Part Ways!

Snooki and JWoww head to lunch while filming for their spin off show in New Jersey.

JWoww is seen holding a fake baby that the two have been ‘practicing parenthood’ on for the last couple of days.

It was the last day of filming for the show, as later that day they both said their goodbyes for the camera’s.

It is now to post editing for the show, rumors say the show is slated to premier mid summer with the title of the show ‘Snooki and JWoWW vs The World’!

Credit: Sharpshooter Images

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