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Miley Cyrus Is Fed Up: “My New Music Is Gonna Shut Everyone Up!”


Miley Cyrus is tired of all of the rumors surrounding her and her fiance Liam Hemsworth and after reports that their wedding was being called off, she had no other choice but to tweet about it.

“I am so sick of La. And sick of the lies that come with it. I didn’t call off my wedding. Taking a break from social media. #draining”

The rumors started when Liam Hemsworth shared a limo with January Jones at a pre-Oscar party which sparked rumors that the Aussie hunk cheated on Miley.

The 20-year-old has been working on new music and wants people to focus on that and not her love life. She tweeted, “Not discussing anything but my music from now on,” the singer said.

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Jon Stewart Tells Robert Pattinson “Kick Her To The Curb”

Robert Pattinson made his first public appearance since his public break-up with Kristen Stewart on The Daily Show with Jon Stewart on Monday night.

The “Twilight” hunk was looking better than he ever looked as he sat down to talk about his brand new film “Cosmopolis” but of course in went in the other direction.

Jon started the awkward interview by giving Robert some melted Ben & Jerry’s ice cream which he said got him through the tougher times and as an attmept to “bond”. Jon then imitated a woman talking and said “you can do better than her, kick her to the curb.”

After all the jokes, Jon then told Rob, “Here is my wish for you, that you get to handle your business in private, in your personal life, and I wish you all the best.”

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Kristen Stewart “Too Ashamed” To Attend “On The Road” Premiere!

Kristen Stewart has reportedly dropped out of the London premiere of “On The Road” which is set to take place on August 16th.

According to RadarOnline, Kristen is “too ashamed” to show her face in public right now and doesn’t want the attention to be focused on her instead of the movie.

Another reason to avoid the red-carpet premiere is because Kristen’s co-star, Tom Sturridge, is one of Rob Pattinson’s closest friends and it would be awkward for her.

Rob Pattinson will be forced to come back into the spotlight next week when he begins his promotional tour for “Cosmopolis.” His first stop will be The Daily Show with Jon Stewart on August 13th.

Credit: RadarOnline

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Producer Defends Kristen Stewart’s Love Affair!

So not everyone hates Kristen Stewart’s guts right now.

We have found a defender of Kristen’s in producer @GiovanniAgnelli, who worked with the actress in “Welcome to the Riley’s,” where ironically Kristen plays a stripper/prostitute who tries to seduce an older, married man.

Kristen Stewart has been the most hated person ever since the story broke about her cheating on boyfriend Robert Pattinson with married director, Rupert Sanders.

The producer has lashed out using Twitter to bash the tabloids and gossip sites for all of their “lies” He even let us in on some new information that there was “NO ON-set affair”

We are curious to know how Giovanni is so sure of this, but really what difference does it make whether it was on or off set?

He even went as far as telling the gossip site HollywoodLife to go f*** themselves. Here are some more of his tweets:

“Before tweeting me your hatred, know that she’s like my little sister. I love her and will always defend her. Don’t like it? Too fucking bad”

“If one of your friends in real life was hurting, and lots of people were being cruel. Wouldn’t you ask them to please stop? Honestly?”

Image Credit: Wire Image

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Robert Pattinson Moves Out, But Can He Move On?

It has been reported that Robert Pattinson has packed his bags and moved out of the Los Angeles home that he shared with on and off screen girlfriend, Kristen Stewart.

Sources are saying that Rob is “heartbroken and humiliated” after the story broke that his girlfriend of 3 years cheated on him with Rupert Sanders, the director of “Snow White and the Huntsman,” who happens to be a married man with two young children.

Although Rob may be moving out, his time with Kristen Stewart is still not anywhere near over.

With the final installment of the Twilight Saga drawing near, Rob and Kristen will be starting up their press tour for the highly anticipated “Breaking Dawn Part 2″ where the couple will be forced to spend hours together on red carpets, talk shows and various interviews which we’re guessing is not going to be easy for the two of them and just make moving on that much harder.

Credit: Splash News

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Liberty Ross, Wife of Rupert Sanders, Deletes Twitter Account!

We reported earlier about the rumors that Kristen Stewart cheated on boyfriend Robert Pattinson with ‘Snow White and the Huntsman” director, Rupert Sanders.

Sanders happens to be married to 34-year-old actress and model Liberty Ross, who had a small role in the Snow White film as Kristen’s mother, Queen Eleanor. The couple also have 2 children together, ages 5 and 7.

Whether the rumors are true or not, it must have been too much for Liberty to handle and has caused her to delete her Twitter account @RossLiberty. It has also been reported that her last tweet was simply, “wow”.

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