Rachel McAdams Grocery Shops with Mad Man Michael Sheen!

Rachel McAdams and boyfriend Michael Sheen looked melancholy as they headed out to do some evening grocery shopping at Trader Joe’s in Los Angeles.

The English actor looked a little crazier than usual with his curly hair and 70’s mustache and appeared to be a couple of pounds heavier. The gorgeous Rachel McAdams wore bright orange pants but they didn’t seem to reflect her mood.

While checking out their groceries, Michael Sheen seemed to be checking out something else-a woman’s behind. He then got pretty upset and flipped the bird.

Credit: Starfeine.com

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jp says:

The paparazzi really needs to quit hunting down this nice couple & give them some peace. I admire that both Rachel & Michael try to live as normal a life as they can under the circumstances, but can’t imagine how it must feel to be constantly dogged by the paps. The extra stress on the couple’s faces tells me that the paps went too far, hence the finger by Michael. Both have a hectic schedule coming up with the Venice Film Festival & TIFF and they don’t need this harassment. I’m also guessing that Michael’s hair & weight are for an upcoming film role as his past full beard was for the Midnight In Paris filming. Wishing them well for their successful upcoming film festival premieres!

linda says:

well, there is one photo here that isn’t shown on twitter, they showed everything except for the one photo in question.