Metallica’s James Hetfield Attacks Paparazzi In Punta del Este, Uruguay!

While vacationing in Punta del Este, Uruguay for Christmas, Metallica’s frontman James Hetfield got annoyed and confronted a few photographers.

The rocker was spotted taking a moped ride with his son Castor in the countryside of Punta Del Este and the paparazzi would not leave him alone, so he took it upon himself to try and stop them. James confronted a few and even threw some rocks at some out of frustration.

We understand hes a hardcore rocker, and was annoyed by the paps, but he shouldn’t be throwing stones at them. Paparazzi have to feed their families too.

Credit: Splash News

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Andrea says:

el tipo se viene al sur, para alejarse de la mierda y lo siguen hasta acá!!! en mi país los famosos pasan tranquis!! deberíamos empezar a prohibir la entrada a los truchos papparazzis que lo único que hacen es joder, no dejan a la gente en paz!! quizá si tuvieran una vida propia entenderían que tanto James como cualquier otro famoso tiene derecho a tener una vacaciones en paz y lejos del bullicio de las grandes ciudades!!! Arriba Metallica y Uruguay!!!! Esperamos que pronto hagan un concierto por acá!!!

Criticalmass88 says:

What a dickhead! Him and that anti-music sharin’, pole smoker, Lars need to get married! Almost all of their music blew nadd’s after Master of Puppets. How are these ass clowns even relevant today? Their last musical collaboration was a fuckin’ geriatric, dinner @ 4:00 pm, Geritol taking, walker using, post cataract surgery sunglass wearing, colostomy bag burping, train wreck of a recording session with Lou Reed.
Ask anyone what their true feelings are about their last toilet cloggin’ CD. Chances are, you will the work suck.
And on that one Jack, I’m out!!!

justice for all says:

fuck paparazzi!!hetfield spends 99 percent of his time to the audience and public!!!you did it good james! cut off their fuckn eyes and ears of this foto-homos!

Iva says:

Does anybody knows in which hotel of Punta del Este is James?

Alguien sabe en que hotel de Punta del Este está James?

Major Metallichick says:

SO glad to see so many comments from people that are on James’ side. :) Like seriously… Who honest to God is going to believe the bullshit about Paps having to feed their families too. -__- If they want to feed their families so bad… they can go get a more productive job… like a greeter at Wal-Mart. :P I don’t even know how Paps live with themselves. KNOWING they are invading on some person’s life and personal issues when they themselves are just as protective of their family if not LESS protetive of their family as some of these big name rock stars are, such as one James Hetfield. I bet if they even gave a damn or AT LEAST knew about James’ past and/or childhood then they would think twice about even bothering him when they can plainly see he is with his fucking FAMILY!! People who are idiotic enough to be in a job as sleezy and disgusting as being a Pap have NEGATIVE amounts of respect from me. If I were a bystander when James was throwing rocks… excuse me… PEBBLES… then I would’ve gone up and helped him… and maybe kicked a few of the Paps asses. Because honestly… this whole article about how James was the “bad guy” is total and utter fucking bullshit. Rock on James, you fucking rule man! BIG fan of you AND the band as a whole. Huge inspiration, all of you. Especially you man. And this… sticking up for your family… even if that means throwing shit at Paps… just gave you like a BILLION more respect points from me. Love you man \m/>.<\m/

Criticalmass88 says:

Yeah, because the pay for being a greeter at Wal Mart will currently feead family of ZERO!
Or better yet, let James feed all the familys that are his fans.
I seriously doubt the paparazi care about any respect from you.Or james cares for your Billion more respect points. If that douche bag wants to chase off the paparazzi, all he needs to do is blast that horrid shit from him and Lou Reed. That will do it.
He is a metal star. He signed up for this. feeling no

YouWantFame You Got It says:

everyone dreams of being rich and famous and they dream of what it would be like for the whole world to know you . If you wasnt in the news or the magazines or on tv or radio no one would every know you. Being photographed on the street , in a restaurant or with your family is all apart of the game .All Celebs know this and most expect it. Most Paps will do what they do and leave if a even the celebs that are not very friendly will be as polite as they can be and let the pap get a few photos .The only thing wrong with this incident is that the pap was a jerk . You see that James even posed for a few of the photos but then he said ok thats enough thanks for the media exposure but thats enough but the jerk pap that took the photos didnt respect that . Not all photographers and paps are jerks but there are a few just like co workers at your job or even a boss where you work . Most are cool but there is always that @ss hole that just likes to be a ass. My point is there is nothing wrong with a Pap as long as he respectfully does his or her job and leaves. If you dont like what i said then grow up!!!. everyone has a favorite celeb and wonder what its like to be them or wonder what they are like off tv or off the stage this is how the real world gets to know their idols . Agreed the guy shoulda left after he said enough .Happy New years to you all.. and rock on James .Its good to see that you are human just like me :)

Star Feine says:

well said. Your exactly right!

Jay says:

I agree!!! Since when does being famous suddenly mean that you’re allowed to be harassed??

I’ve met a few of my favourite bands and I’m always respectful when I go up to them – if they look like they are with friends or family I don’t bother them at ALL. If they are posing for photos or signing stuff then I will ask for a photo/autograph.


El gobierno uruguayo debe crear una ley que prohiba el exceso a los papparazzi. Si lo hace, el País recibirá miles de nuevos visitantes a un Oasis de privacidad.

Uruguay’s Government needs to implement a Law that prevents papparazzi exceses. If it does it, the Country will enjoy thousands of new celebrity visitors to a privacy Oasis.

markus says:

Hyvä Ture, kerrankin joku ajattelee järjellä. metallica sucks and James is a clown.

ture says:

on se niin saatanan hirveetä, kun otetaan valokuvia… no, metallica ollut aina surkea ja tämä james varsinainen pelle. hurja mies, tatuointeja ja kaikki, ekat tatskat vanhana äijänä.

Daniel says:

“We understand hes a hardcore rocker, and was annoyed by the paps, but he shouldn’t be throwing stones at them. Paparazzi have to feed their families too.”

This sense of entitlement toward violating another person’s privacy honestly makes me wish he’d done something far more severe than merely throwing rocks.

Arska says:

Good work James! Pappa Tunturi olisi myös rock here in Finland. Seiska lehti for all those, jotka kuunteleva musican Antti Tuisku. Puhdasta helvettiä. Papa’s should rest in pease.

Klaus says:


SlayerDude says:

On the music blogs the title of this article is ‘James Hetfield throws rocks at paparazzi’.

Funny how your tabloid blog changed it to ‘James Hetfield attacks paparazzi’.

Then you go on to defend the paparazzi, because without those paparazzi you wouldn’t have a blog! So sad.

Ladyspace Hetfield says:

Paparazzis have the right to do their job, but everything has a limit and they pass it all the time, I think James was on his right to get mad as everyone, besides it must be really anoying that periodists are messing with his family, he is on tour all the time and needs a free time with his children and wife. LEAVE JAMES ALONE!!!!! Well done James!!!! Great James!!!!

Ryan says:

Agreed… The Paparazzi are complete scumbags, but all of us just looked at the pictures they took so we the fans are some of the blame. Hetfield deserves his time with family, etc., so there needs to be stronger laws period. BTW, I hope he hit them with the rock!

Sandy says:

Good on James! Metallica does so much press and accommodates for media it should be known to everyone by now to “leave Family be”. We don’t need to see James on vacation, for what they do for their fans, we will always be content and happy!!!!

Parasite says:

Yes, paparazzis have to feed their families, too. Just like drug dealer and hookers. God damn, give the man and his family some privacy on their vacation, hijos de p*ta!!! Paparazzis are parasites.

Attila says:

I think paparazzi would not disturb James during the hunting season!

My friend misery is a Paparazzi

I am journo, i could clearly understand that “rockstars-like-this” need space and time to escape from the media and the so-stressing world of spectacle. James Hetfield, is not the bum thrasher from L.A bay area anymore. He’s now fielding on the major league of Rock ‘N’ Roll Hall Of Fame. Colleagues! do not be a dumb-ass shooter trying to get a recognition.

hoho says:

Hit the Stone, Stonebreath, Jump in the Stone, Stone Lord, No Stone, Stone and Destroy, Stone Militia, Fight Stone With Stone, Ride the Stonning, For whom the stone tolls, Fade to Stone, Trapped Under Stone, Creeping Stone, The Call of Stone, Master of Stones, The Stone that Should Not Be, Welcome Stone, Disposable Stones, Lepper Stone, Stone Inc., Stoned, Stone of Beholder, Stone, The Stonest Straw, Harvester of Stone, The Frayed Stones of Sanity, To Live is to Stone, Stone’s Eve, Holier than Stone, Wherever i May Stone, Don’t Tread on Stone, Through the Stone, Nothing Else Stone, Of Stone and Man, The Stone that Failed, My Stone of Misery, The Stone Within, That was just your stone, The end of the Stone, Broken,Beat&Stoned, The Stone That Never Comes, All Stone Long, The Stone III, The Judas Stone, Suicide&Stone, My Stone, Stone Train, Just a Stone Away, Hell and Stone, Stone of Babylon…

André Luis Janiszevski says:

paparazzi is a hell!

ravven says:

I love it! Go James! I don’t blame him at all. Like any parent wouldn’t do anything to protect their child! There’s no need for the pap to be bothering him off stage and while he’s with his family.

loko says:

metallica sucks! anyways !

ravven says:

So that makes it okay to hound them with their family? Congrats on showing your stupidity.

Klaus says:

I’m surprised you didn’t throw in some napster comments, you know, the argument Lars made about it gutting the industry—which has basically come true.

Now run along back to your dubstep/hipster blog and kill yourself.

Donna says:

James and the guy’s of Metallica are normally very cordial of the pap’s. Give the man a break it was Christmas day and he was spending time with his son…….and that’s where the pap’s should of been, home with their families!!!

Jay says:

Great point!!!!! If the photographer had a family, why wasn’t he/she spending Christmas day with them??? I understand if the guy was out by himself or with the band, but come on, he was with his family. His wife and kids don’t deserve to be hounded too.

german says:

paparazzi cl anda puro weando

German Denis says:

Esto es lo divino que tiene Uruguay!!!! podes ser quien seas y pasar desapercibido….imaginen en otros paises trendrian 60 paparazzi…aca es un tipo solo que lo reconocio y hace mas de una semana que se encuentra James en Uruguay….

Blarg says:

“paparazzi have to feed their families, too” – paparazzi have to fucking die, too

John says:

there aint a need of being a fool in front of camera….

winter says:

that’s the price to pay , for making so much shit , since 1990 ! you want to make money , you want fame… Et voilà !

jaime says:

Hi poser!

Nico A says:

James… Kill`’em all!

Gustavo says:

Welcome to Uruguay the most beatiful country of South america, I hope this incident will not make you change your mind to come back.

nelson says:

Kill em all those fuckers paparazzis ,they just suck !!

serj says:

eso es mentira podrida, por qué no sacan a la luz toda la secuencia de las fotos?? Posiblemente en los años 90 James actuaría asi pero ahora no, ya está bien de tirar piedras (y nunca mejor dicho) a MetallicA, no los van a destruir con mentiras!! \m/

jorge says:

ha estos tipos no se deberia darles permiso para entrar al uruguay,ademas pregunto tiene licencia para manejar moto en uruguay si yo no la tengo me multan es que los turistas pueden violar la ley.habra tirado piedras para que se le reconozca quien se acuerda de este tarado estara necesitando que hablen de el.que estupido esa es la educacion qe le da a su hijo

Rm says:

Si tiene libreta internacional puede manejar perfectamente en Uruguay, estos tipos son los que hacen punta del este lo que es: Un lugar internacional que cada año adquiere más valor e ingresa mucha plata por turismo. Sin duda no aporta nada a su hijo, pero es el cantante de Metallica loco creo que hizo cosas mucho peores que esta boludez, por lo menos no termino a las piñas como cualquier idiota de la noche.

Eva says:

I totally understand James’ frustration but I still don’t think he is a good model for his son. In the last picure the boy looks pretty angry at dad, this must have been scary for him. Francesca might not be so pleased. The problem with the paparazzi is, that we look at the pictures, people buy magazines with nothing but those pictures. So, we are the market they are catering for. I love James and Metallica but I would not interfere in their lives, although I have to admit, I am curious as to what they do. Nevertheless, they are people like you and I and should be left alone.

MetB81 says:

“We” are the market? What f**king magazines, anyways? Buy “So What!” if you want a good magazine.

Hookers > Cockroaches > Paparazzis

Amber says:

This is proof that you shouldn’t fuck with James Hetfield. Paparazzi have to feed their families too? Well, they should get a less privacy-invading job then. Shouldn’t they? The media piss me off and I’m just a simple human being! If you get in someone’s face with a camera, you should expect the backlash. Especially from a family man like James who’d rather that his kids weren’t in the media regularly. tl;dr. They fucking deserved it, assholes.

Geza Nyers says:

motherfucker paparazzi…

no one cares about a photo of james hetfield because if I want to see him I am going on a Metallica concert you shitheads… I was clicking on the picture only to say this… get your fucking cameras and put them into your asses, get a real job motherfuckers not to bother people’s families and private lives, fuck yeah

ade says:

uruguay es un paraiso y el lo sabe ! se encontro un paparazzi solamente ! jajaja

Leave the man and his family alone for their holiday.! James Hetfield and his Band METALLICA Entertain around the globe for the better part of every year now going on 30 years now.They Entertain so well with their audiences and include them as well, JAMES HETFIELD and his family spending time together especially on Christmas holidays have every right to be by themselves to enjoy their holidays alone. No one bothers you on your Christmas holidays and quit crying about having to feed your families too.That’s a line of Bull Shit! You do just fine and one rocker family being left alone is not going to make or break you. Quit being so greedy!! Have some Damn respect. \M/ \M/.

mark says:

They do have real jobs! Its called media. When a publication calls for pictures and they pay X amount of $’s, you go for the assignment. It’s like any other job that pays the bills. Yes there are scumbag photogs but most are good people making a living. Trust me, the celebs need these guys whether you realise it or not. Do they upset people? Yes. But, the stars’ exposure and longevity is in their favor. It’s a great gig if you can get it.

Jay says:

I’m pretty sure Metallica would do JUST FINE without the paparazzi. How do I know? Look at the millions of albums they’ve sold over the years. The celebs don’t need these guys – the magazines do. Why do you think Johnny Depp hates America and lives on a farm in France? The real actors/musicians with talent don’t give a crap about the paparazzi.

They are not Kim Kardashians or Paris Hiltons who need the media to survive because they are talentless whores who haven’t done anything. Hetfield was with his family, and the article clearly stated the paparazzi wouldn’t leave him alone. A picture or two is fine, but once you ask someone to stop they should respect that. He should pull a Maynard James-Keenan and whip out a paintball gun at anyone that gets too close.

Hilda says:

No es necesario q agreda si era una foto solamente queria sacar una foto. No entiendo como las estrellas saben que son buscadas por los paparazzis sería mas sano dejar sacar la foto y listo. Todo bien igual con James Hetfield!! es un GRANDE!!!!

Redogh says:

Entiendo que quiera privacidad, pero una fotografía no le hace mal a nadie. Pero el proceder tirando piedras!!! y su hijo presente!!! Que ejemplo le está dando? Era preferible HABLAR, pero tirar piedras!!!??? NOOO…. Así no se debe proceder James y menos ante tu hijo.

From the shots, Jaymz apparently started out nice, giving thumbs up to the photographer, but the guy wanted more pix anda that’s what made Jaymz mad. Sure, the guy’s a rock star and had it been a fan taking the pic I have no doubt in my mind Jaymz would’ve been way nicer, but it was a paparazzi, a guy who could care less who Jaymz is. He’s in for a cheap buck, he doesn’t care about Metallica or Jaymz at all. Plus, the guy’s with his family for chrissakes. Ok, so famous people should take the heat for being who they are, but not their families!

PapparazziSquasher says:

Hey dickhead writer – why don’t you say PEBBLES instead of STONES?

Oh yeah, because it sounds better, even if it’s deceiving your readers. Dick.

PapparazziSquasher says:

“Paparazzi have to feed their families too.”

What a stupid comment. That doesn’t mean they have the right to stalk and harass people.

leonardo says:

bien hecho james, eso es metaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaal, cuando un toque, solo uno en uruguay james, cuando x dios? up the irons

Luka says:

Live James alone…stupid paprazzi…find a life!!!

Mariano says:

Es necesario molestar a alguien para tomar una foto?. A los seguidores de Metallica no nos interesa ver a Hetfield veraneando, nos interesa verlo arriba de un escenario. No se molesten los papparazzis en realizar un trabajo que a nadie le importa. En nombre de la libertad de prensa hay veces que se hacen muchas estupideces… Soy uruguayo y ni siquiera sabía que Hetfield estaba en nuestro país, así debe ser. /// You need to bother someone to take a photo?. Metallica’s followers are not interested to see Hetfield summer, we want to see onstage. The papparazzis not bother doing work that nobody cares. On behalf of press freedom there are times that make a lot of stupid … I am Uruguayan and Hetfield did not even know was in our country, it should be.

Punta del Este says:

Nice place to spend your holidays my friend.

ladydi says:

Save the planet! Plant a tree and kill a paparazzi

me says:

hahahahahaha OMG your comment made me the day haha lol everyone should follow your advice ;)

Toni says:


you f*cker you, your name says it all , toni the gay pony.
i think if you should stand in front of James, you would take another tone …

Fernando Porto says:

Os paparazzi que se fodam e vão incomodar o justin bieber.

Prometheus77 says:

“Paparazzi have to feed their families too.”

Are you f-ing kidding me?? Instead of pestering celebs paparazzi should get a real job, if they got families to feed.

√-π says:

a table throwing rocks hahaha

gervas says:

estamos de acuerdo que al entrar a esta página a ver las fotos de este viejo choto, estamos bancando a los paparazzi, nosierto?

un abrazo

Uruguayer says:


Sabbatical says:

If all of a sudden paparazzi quit following him around and ignored him and his washed-up bunch of has-beens, he would start crawling and begging for their attention in a heartbeat …
Shitty hypocrite!

PapparazziSquasher says:

How do you know that? Jealous tool.

Ivan says:

Never exists a single comments’ page without a stupid moron, saying something inadequately idiotic about ‘Tallica. Get a life, losers.

YouAreAnIdiot says:

Interesting that you accuse him of being a washed up has been just a week after he was harassed by Paparazzi…nevermind the fact that you declared him a hypocrite after you imagined the situation and how he’d react. This is exactly how people like yourself lose touch with reality…pure stupidity.

manuel says:

Bien, ahora para compensar el feo episofio, recitales gratis en montevideo y buenos aires

Mariana says:

Jajaja eso estaria excelente =D

chuck norris says:

maybe if he played the lulu album out loud to them, then they wouldnt be following him.

ThinkMan says:

Papparazzi should be ashamed of the way they make a living. I’d never make it as a celebrity because I’d probably kill one of them.

PapparazziSquasher says:

Yeah, or you’d get sued all the time for breaking their cameras and their noses. We need stricter laws to protect the public from them. They chase people in cars, making them panic behind the wheel, also while running red lights and breaking numerous traffic laws!

someone says:

Leave Hetfield with his family! He deserve to have a private life!!!

Uruguayo says:

“We understand hes a hardcore rocker, and was annoyed by the paps, but he shouldn’t be throwing stones at them. Paparazzi have to feed their families too.”

Assassins have to feed their families, but that doesn’t make their work moral.

shellica says:

get em papa het….he is not only a rock star…but a father and protecter..!!!!

shellica says:

ya know i am the biggest metallica fan ever….and one time i saw papa het and his wife and baby cali in a restarant….and it took all i got to not run up to him and freak out….but with much respect, i did nothing…i couldnt even breathe….i had my baby girl and nephews with me.we were the only two families in the place….and we finished our meal and let him have his private time with his family….he was off the clock….and i was not about to be so rude as to interupt…try it some time papparazzi, there should be a law about this…

shellica says:

well if the paparazzi had a real job then they could feed there families….leave people the hell alone when asked and you wont get stones thrown at you….how fustrated he must be….how would you like it if people followed you everywhere ? i would have striaght up kicked you ass….if y7ou want to take pics of him go to his concert….james just take me with you on vacation and i will kick some butt for you…lol !!!!! go james !!!!!

E Coli says:

“Paparazzi have to feed their families too.”

And viruses have to propagate, and parasites have to gorge themselves on their hosts.

Award for stupid argumentation goes to the genius who wrote this article.

Dave Sykes says:

WELL SAID, these fuckers are PAPARASITES ! These fuckers killed Lady Di !
On the other hand…believe it or not There are places on earth where James could go on a vacation where no one knows him, South America is NOT one of them !

Well said E Coli. Plus, like I said, the guy’s no fan of Metallica. I like the way the article blows things out of proportion, “throwing stones”… a measly little rock! Hahahaha! He should’ve thrown arrows at the guy!

Ishtuk says:

That’s totally it, fckin leeches

Aaron Aguayo says:

Well done James , that motherfucking paparazzis deserved it

Matt says:

haha! Go James! Paps gotta feed their families? Get a real job then. Let the man and other famous people have their privacy.

Ale Rosso Megadeth says:

Well done man, this paparazzi fuckers dont care about private life. Now if it was Dave Mustaine then they would need to run hahaha

Bien hecho, estos forros paparazzi no les importa un carajo la vida privada de nadie. Si hubiera sido Dave Mustaine igual tendrian que haber corrido jaja

Loku says:

MAN your comment is ssimply great :D

Fernando says:

Paparazzis should die. And their families too.

fuk says:

100% agree… get a fucking job if they want to make a living

MetB81 says:


Fucking crybabies should’ve listened up and payed attention back in school to learn something productive. Something that benefits society. Being a paparazzi is – in my humble opinion – the single most inferior “job” one can take.

Huge “rock”, by the way.
Pussies galore!

lloydtheman says:


Natalia says:

If they come to.. Uruguay es el mejor pais…, its because they want to have time to enjoy and do staff they dont usually do in their place of living. Just let them enjoy. I will be crossing paths with him surely as i did with Ronnie Wood on Jose Ignacio’s Beach. yeayyy! :) Hetfield kick their butts off!!! thats motherfucker rock buddy!!!!!!! Natalia

Metallica Lo mas says:

Disculpen. peeeeeeeeeero… lo periodista del paparazzi tiene derecho a trabajar pero no a molestar James no necesita de fotos o de cosas para ser conocido lo conoce todo el mundo asi que no jodan periodista de revista, son insoportables

Angela says:

Never EVER mess with the ALMIGHTY Hetfield and his ALMIGHTY family!!

Jona Rivero says:

Malditos periodistas!! No dejan en paz, molestan, persiguen y usurpan la vida privada…

Grande James!!!!!!

Jona Rivero says:

paparazzi fuck you!!!!!!

Ale Rosso Megadeth says:

Well done man, this paparazzi fuckers dont care about private life. Now if it was Dave Mustaine then they would need to run hahaha

Bien hecho, estos forros paparazzi no les importa un carajo la vida privada de nadie. Si hubiera sido Dave Mustaine igual tendrian que haber corrido jajajaja

Ilpo kärnä says:

Aivan oikein että Hetfield kivittää Etelä Amerikkalaisia alkuasukkaita jotka eivät ymmärrä käytöstapoja. Samanlaisia idiootteja löytyy 7 päivää lehden toimituksesta. 7 päivää lehti pitäisi lopettaa ja heidän toimittajansa lähettää siperiaan.