Justin Bieber : Hacked Photos & Videos!

Justin Bieber seems to be the next victim ‘cyber bullying’ due to being hacked.

The pop star is being threatened by an unknown person on Twitter and YouTube going by gexwy.

The scary part is ‘Gexwy’ apparently has access to some of his private videos and proved it by uploading 2 videos on YouTube of Justin Bieber at the start of his career and a more recent one of Justin using his GoPro camera.

You can see the videos Here and Here !

Justin has nearly 29 MILLION followers but has managed to reply to the bully with,

‘no matter what you have and what you post tomorrow i know my fans wont leave me. screw it. #toostrong’

The last tweet Gexwy has tweeted was a mere warning…

‘TOMORROW PUNK! @justinbieber’

we are positive all the ‘Belibers’ are counting the minutes!

Good luck Justin!

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