Exclusive Video and Pix: Miley Cyrus Rushes To The Emergency Room!

Miley Cyrus was rushed to the hospital with her mother, grandmother and boyfriend Liam all by her side on Monday evening.

The 19-year-old had a visible white bandage wrapped around her left index finger with blood seeping through as she carefully put on her gray cardigan over her skull-printed romper.

There’s no word yet on what happened to her finger but earlier in the day she tweeted a thank you to Peta for a vegan gluten-free cook book so she may have sliced her finger while working on a new recipe!

Credit: Sharpshooter Images

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Cowboynnc says:

Oh Good Gracious. The things that qualify as newsworthy.

OMG!!! Quick alert Hollywood and the Country Music industry to get rallies together and fundraisers for her hospital bills.

This just in……..Meat eaters post scathing comments…..”If she hadn’t gone Vegan, this would not have happened!”

Cowboynnc says:

Miley….Honey….You’re supposed to put FOOD into the blender…Not your fingers. MAybe once all the blond is washed out you might get better.

Jon says:

And, this is new because?