EXCLUSIVE: Dianna Agron and Sebastian Stan: Its Back On, Valentine’s Dinner Date!

Diana Agron and boyfriend Sebastian Stan couldn’t keep their hands off of each other after a romantic Valentine’s dinner date at La Poubelle Bistro in Hollywood on Tuesday night.

The Glee beauty and the Captain America star appeared to be in love as they laughed together and shared a steamy kiss as they waited for their car.

The hot young couple had a 7 month relationship before it was reported that they split up in early December due to jealousy and long distance troubles but it looks like they have put all of that behind them and have decided to give it another try.

Credit: Sharpshooter Images

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Brooke says:

Wow, this looks so fake. Their body language is terrible considering sources are saying they’re “back together.” He looks at the camera the whole time and keeps his body turned away from her, his hand never leaving his pocket, and while it looks like she’s trying to make it look like she’s interested, it’s not working out for her. This looks like a PR stunt to me….on behalf of Stan. This type of mugging for the camera is what lead to Leighton Meester breaking up with him a while ago, stating that he loved the PR being with her brought, but he was never real when they were together. Looks like the same thing here. Dianna’s star is rising, despite her rumored contract limbo with “Glee” while Stan looks like he’s stoned all the time and somehow ends up pulling random side roles, without anything substantial as of yet. Sad day. Girl, get out of this “relationship” right now…man or woman, you could do better than this joker.

Alice says:

WOW!! ahahha I dont know if they are dating or not.. what I know is that they always get together when he has a movie to promote.. first Capitan America, now Gone… and the fact that he will be part of once upon a time… Dont know if it’s PR or if they use their relationship for their own good. But what does Dianna gets with this?

Valeria says:


ummm says:

this does look a bit strange. in all the photos i think he looks at her once. he also mugs for the camera. don’t know if it’s a “yeah she’s with me it’s true” smug face or “that’s right more attention coming my way” face or what. the other time he’s focused on something or someone else when it looks like she’s talking to him. What steamy kiss? The one where she’s smiling or laughing close to his cheek or something? The photographer got some good photos but if I was the photographer i would have gotten the actual kiss not the staring at the camera or somewhere else one. Also it was more than long distance trouble that was the cause of their relationship ending. from what i heard it wasn’t exactly amicable. she thought he would cheat. he didn’t want his friends talking to her saying she was mean. i don’t know if their relationship is PR or real or to help them both hide or whatever. It’s sad that that’s what people think of Dianna. I don’t think she would use someone else to get her attention like this. these pics are weird though. i’ll support her whether she’s gay, straight, bi because I do like her movies and show and she seems like a sweet person but this thing with stan doesn’t seem healthy based on what i heard. anyway good luck to them both whatever this is.

Ale says:

YISUUSS! He’s gay, she’s gay for God. Lea is the pair of Dianna, believe it or not Cren.

Candy says:

He’s more gay than me.

Jon says:

Only time will tell if it works out for them?

lan says:

seems like they are talking, dianna agron kiss the guy on cheek funny…

LMAO says:

Hahaha I love all the Achele/Faberry people posting stupid comments on this lmao. I’d rather her be with this guy than it be any of that stuff going on. Lmao ‘I hope they face the truth come out’ haha. I think if Dianna were Bisexual she would just come out already, she supports gay rights and I don’t think she would hide something so important, yeah its her life and she doesn’t have to say, but I don’t think she would keep that from her fans, she is constantly asked if she’s bi or lesbian and she always says she’s not, I don’t think she would lie to her fans, she is always talking about being proud of who you are, and if that’s the case she should be proud of who she is, if she is, and not hide it.

Kaitlyn says:

Ok, first of all, Dianna doesnt ALWAYS deny being a lesbian or bi. The only time she denied something like that is when she wore that “Likes Girls” t-shirt and she said she wasnt a lesbian…..never said anything about being bi. Secondly, when interviews ask what she looks for in a guy, she always changes the word “guy” to “people” for her answer. That kinda is evidence that she may be bi. Also, with all the shit that goes on with her and Lea, there’s no way she’s straight. I’m sorry, but no. And if genuinely she is, then I apologize. But I doubt it. People think that just because she is so accepting of gay/bi people, she would come out if she liked girls. Not necessarily. If the Glee creators/writers/whatever don’t want her to come out, then she wont. She has a contract with them, as someone mentioned before. Another thing, do you see how awkward these two both look in these pictures? I’m sorry but when you’re into someone, you don’t act like that. And how convenient is it that she randomly “gets back with him” right after that E! poll that faberry won. Not to mention the fact that after they first broke up, he told all his friends that she was “rude to him” (which, by the way, is soooo unbelievable since Dianna is like the nicest person ever.) Who gets back with someone after they go around telling people that? It doesn’t make sense. ANNNND to top it all off, recently Lea Michele and Cory Monteith are rumoured to be dating (even though there arent any pictures to prove it) To sum it all up, Dianna and Sebastian (and Lea) need to get better PR teams.

July says:

Well, it looks very fake. I don’t think they’re in love. They seems like friends, trying to have a nice Valentine’s Day. They’re both single and talk is fine. I don’t know about Sebastian, but I guess Dianna is bisexual. So, if she wants to be with him, I support her. But is really sad to see how she can’t stop hidding that wonderful thing she has with Lea. I understand, is not easy in the show bussines when you’re starting to grow up in your career. I hope someday they both (Lea & Di) can face the truth and come out.

Candy says:

She has a contract ;)

kirsten says:

wow he really seems into her … he does not even look at her but the cam… yeah sure and we shall buy this?

Marie says:

If the ‘steamy kiss’ happened, why didn’t you take a photo of it? These photos aren’t steamy in any way…

showmance girl says:

dianna agron is a pretty girl but an awful actress, she loves some PR showmance so it is hard to believe this is a real relationship

Phil says:

She always looks like an old virgin when she poses with a guy. Her image of ‘I don’t wanna talk about my privacy / relationships’ sucks when she tries people think she dates her male friends / co-stars. Stop with this stupidity, people. If you wanna erase some gay rumours (Rachel/Quinn won the E!Online pool so there are more and more gay rumours) you don’t have to do it by this way.

Respect says:

We must respect Dianna. It’s her life so “Her” choices. She is not perfect, no one is, and she said this once too…I learn day by day a little bit more about respect and positive actions with every glimpse of her life that she shares and shows to us. I don’t know anything about she in private but she really seems to be a wonderful human being cuz she is always trying to do something nice and good to her fans and minorities, and this is a good reason for me to admire and respect who she is. She is always trying to be a better person. I’m not being naive and everybody makes mistakes but people must stop judging she and her actions, you might not agree but you can’t just insult someone like that…Sorry, but before start judging people you might look inside yourself….Let Love In…I learn this with she.

Anne says:

hahahahahahahahahahaha Pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeee…PR much????

amarela says:

sooo CUTEEE… ;)
congratz to both of u!!:D

amarela says:

love you dianna & sebastian :)
-gronstand- hee

ami says:

Like this so muchh…very CUTE :)) congratz to you both ;DD

ami says:

Like this so muchh…very CUTE :)) congratz to you both ;D

amoeba says:

They are both gay what even lol

Ally says:

This looks so fake lol. She has more chemistry with Chord Overstreet or anyone else actually…

TJ says:

Oh gosh. The Faberry/Achele delusionists have really gone over to the dark side.

ANGRY says:

lol Dianna you belong whit Lea and this is not cute

LOL says:

Dianna REALLY needs a new PR team, because this is just shameful. At least her Pettyfer fling had sincere moments that some people actually believed. They’re not even trying, it’s hilarious. I’ve been laughing at Sebastian Stan’s troll face for five minutes now. Oh, and the one shot where they are “kissing”? They’re turned away from the camera, and Dianna is laughing in his mouth. Oy vey.

Bee says:

Her PR Team sucks. They made her be with Pettyfer and the second the movie came out she broke up with him, and then denied to Cosmo magazine that they were ever together in the first place.

Also- she looked 1000x more comfortable and happy in the picture she tweeted with Lea Michele after Faberry won TV Top Couple.

jenna says:

LOL…wtf? He’s staring right into the camera while she attempts to look totally into him. Man Alive, aren’t you people actors? Come on now.

Star says:

Dianna don’t try to lie to us .. we all know that you are gay -.-

Donny says:

Seriously? The Glee-tards need to cool it with thinking every girl on the show is a lesbian. I personally don’t entirely buy these two being in a relationship, but a PRomance doesn’t exclusively mean they must be bearding. Grow the fuck up, please.

Bee says:

But really- if she is (probably more likely bi), she should come out all ready. I’ve never seen more speculation over if a young celebrity is gay or not, than her.

Haley says:

You don’t seem to follow many young celebrities then, because the only people who think she is gay are the crazier Glee fans who like her to be with Rachel on the show. I’m sure she doesn’t have a problem playing a gay character, but kissing girls on-scree if she does won’t “make” her a lesbian.

liam says:

She doesn’t even play a gay character on TV. Her character has done through more boyfriends than anyone else on that show.

ellie says:

Please be more delusional, will you? Your fantasies belong in fan fiction.

Mike says:

Couldn’t keep their hands off of each other, you say and yet in nearly every picture their hands are off of each other. She kisses him demurely on the cheek while he stares at the camera. Looks like PR to me. Sebastian’s got a movie out soon, right? Plus, Glee’s ratings are dropping. Don’t buy it.

Gaby says:

They look significantly not steamy

Gaby says:

Gross. All of it. Neither of them looks remotely dressed up and they both look very uncomfortable. WHO WEARS A CAP AT NIGHT.

forreel says:

Who goes to a club with his gay friends right after these pics is more the question

damnsopretty says:

seriously?? how do you know?
saw plenty of pics of him.. looking like an outstanding heterosexual (including kissing a dude)

heather says:

Looks more like talking.. Where’s the kissing?

amoeba says:

Well they’ve been friends for years, of course there’s talking. Question is, where is his boyfriend?