Exclusive: Dave Franco Grocery Shops With New Girlfriend Alison Brie!

Dave Franco was spotted grocery shopping at a Los Angeles supermarket with his new girlfriend Alison Brie!

The two of them held hands as they made their way out of the store with a bag of groceries.

The “21 Jump Street” star has finished filming 2 movies which are due out next year which are “Now You See Me” and “Warm Bodies.”

Alison Brie who also stars in ‘Mad Men’ and ‘Community’ has a few things on her plate, the actress is filming a movie called ‘Get A Job’ and just finished filming ‘Adventures of the Dunderheads’ due out in the fall.

Credit: Sharpshooter Images

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nessa says:

Dave!! Why didn’t you wanna be together with Emma Roberts?! You and emma look much betterrrrrrr than you and allison.

katy says:

he is cute but in all the pics he looks stupid.XOXO

Amy says:

Actually more people know Alison Brie as compared to Mr. Franco.

Uhhh says:

Epic fail. So ignorant. I think I just found the butthole of humanity.

Key says:

Is that a joke with the “Do you recognize this mystery women?” I’d say Alison Brie has more going on than Dave Franco does.

lue_oh_vy says:

The ‘mystery brunette’ is Alison Brie from Community and Mad Men,

Juliana says:

It is Allison Brie. He doesn’t seem as in to her as she is to him.

erica says:

who wouldnt be into him hes gorgeous

Dave says:

That woman is clearly Alison Brie, star of Community and Mad Men.

Matilda says:

That’s Alison Brie, of Community and Mad Man among other things… Not such a mystery…